Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's OK

Most Important thing about divorce, given the fact that it's a life changing act of freedom, that is to realize that you have every right - at any point - to change your mind and choose to use your freedom again to weigh everything in the light of the experience and in the light of the little glimpse you've taken during the process...and just say: no, I realize it could work out. or: no, I will pay the price and continue.

It is your right. It is your life. It is your freedom.

And no one has the right to judge you then, just like they had no right to judge you when you wanted out.

It takes steel guts to choose either ways...

Consider only yourself.


Dino$ said...

i hate how in the arab society mostly people would rather live a miserable life rather than get a divorce. And they end up in a bad marriage raising kids with psychological problems and a guilt that will never go away knowing that they are the reason their parents did not leave each other.

I think nowadays when woman are educated and have their own life its easier to get divorce and move on. Before women did not have what we have now and now we are married because we choose to be not because we NEEd to be :)

Heart Goes out to all the divorced ladies out there

هيّ said...

Thanks Dino$ :)
I agree...but, it's not easy at all to tolerate society ...
yet again, because of the reasons you've stated...we are more capable of driving our own path.