Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Why Divorce?!

I can't start giving my two cents ( or rather two ersh as I'm proud to be a slang Egyptian ) before thanking Divorcette for allowing me to share on this blog.

I think it's a great Idea to support divorced or about to be divorced women...who knows, maybe men too!

The first Question that comes to mind whenever i hear someone saying that they're thinking about divorce or filing for divorce is WHY!

In my opinion it's a life changing step that has to be weighed realistically putting in mind - consciously - the pros and cons especially if kids are involved.

So, here's my list of legitimate reasons in my opinion:

  • Adultery
  • Abuse: constant moral abuse / physical abuse
  • Hate: my test for that one is: If you wish you were dead the moment you hear his keys turn in the door!
  • Drugs : Master of disaster
  • Homosexuality turn ons/ practices
  • Doesn't provide for his kids ( it's always a sign of more sever cheapness )
  • Dead In bed ( In case you're not frigid )

Well, I can go on forever till i end up with the most famous reason to call the whole thing off: You say tomato...he says Oo6ah :D

Never mind girls just trying to lighten up 'cause I started to get a lil' bit anxious.

Please feel free to add...

Bottom line is: Make sure you didn't think of divorce because your not so loving friend fueled you against him or because your best friend is enjoying the Mercedes her husband gave her...That would be a lame answer to the question WHY...and that ain't worth splitting your kids' heart.

In my case, It wasn't just one reason of the mentioned above and that's WHY I stood up against EVERYBODY I know - except for my mom to be accurate - and said NO, I won't take it.

But that's another story....


a divorcette said...

u made me laugh with the whole "oo6a" part :)

i love that post... thanks She :)))

and welcome, partner ;))

هيّ said...

Now that you've called me she i think about changing it...you know she ya .... ou know :D

Thanks chief now plz advise if u ever feel anything ain't suitable.


Wael Eskandar said...

Interestingly enough I've read from a psychologically accredited source that love is a choice, to choose to love someone because you have the capacity to love anybody.

The book doesn't mention what you need to do when someone stops loving you back, or choosing to love you..

But seriously, is dead in bed THAT important???

هيّ said...

Ya will e it's so nice to read ur comment simply cause u stirred a point!
Meanhwile i'll have to ajust answer ur question...yes, it's important as i sadi in case the partner isn't frigid!

I feel i have to articulate further on the meaning of dead...i didn't mean by it physically incapable of performing bas...i mean emotionally dead...also.

thanks pal

Wael Eskandar said...

Yeah, it's very important, I just meant to stir it.. oddly though, this point is always undermined for fear of accusations of promiscuity and necrophilia..

I think it's a form of communication that is really important.